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What is Kashkaval cheese

Kashkaval is a type of straw-colored cheese that is either made from cow's or sheep's milk.


The word has its roots in the Italian caciocavallo, and it is used as a generic term in Romania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia to refer to yellow cheeses. This semihard cheese is also found in Hungary, Croatia, and Turkey. Known also as the "cheddar cheese of the Balkans" because of its similarity in taste, it is typically dark yellow and has a smooth surface.

The cheese has a nutty flavor, is slightly salty, and is a good source of calcium. Around 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of milk is needed to make around one kilogram (two pounds) of cheese. It is poured into cylindrical molds and allowed to age for around six months — it becomes firmer as it ages, turning into a great grating cheese. Considered to be a staple in the Balkan diet, it is usually served with olives or used to top pasta in a shredded form. Also used in salads, appetizers, pizzas, and lasagna, it makes a great addition to any cheese platter.